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"Our services

For the improvement of your skills

Horse boarding

Horse maintenance (box rental). Three times a day feeding - hay, oats, silage. Daily box cleaning, pastures, walking enclosures, manege, outdoor areas, changing room, equipment room.

Acquisition of equestrian skills

Equestrian skills training for beginners and experts, dressage and show jumping training, participation in competitions. Group and individual lessons available, with the option to use your own horse or a rented horse.

Horses for sale

We offer horses of various levels for riders of different abilities. We can also prepare your horse for sale.

We participate in various presentation events - weddings, funerals, art and documentary films, corporate events, children's parties, etc

Paralympic equestrian sports

We offer the opportunity to engage in sports for people with special needs.

Adaptive equestrian sports.

We offer adaptive equestrian sports training for individuals who do not wish to or cannot train in high-performance equestrian sports.


Jāšanas sports

Adaptīvā jāšana

Paralimpiskais sports ar zirgiem

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