Vecozolu 100, Tīraine, Mārupes

Presentations and other services

Our range of services includes participation in various presentation events with horses, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for guests of any kind of event. We offer the presence of horses at various celebrations and ceremonies, such as weddings and funerals, where horses can give the event a special significance and elegance. At weddings, horses are often used to create a romantic and majestic atmosphere, offering the newlyweds an opportunity for an unforgettable arrival or departure from the celebration site.

In the realm of art and documentary films, horses can serve as powerful visual elements, adding depth and authenticity to the story. We collaborate with filmmakers to ensure that the participation of horses in films is thoughtful and matches the artistic vision.

Corporate events and children’s parties are two more areas where our horses can offer an unforgettable experience. At corporate events, horses can serve as a unique form of entertainment, while at children’s parties, they can create a magical atmosphere, allowing children to feel like they are in the pages of a fairy tale book.

Our offer also includes the possibility of using horses as photographic subjects at the event, which can create unforgettable memories and allow guests to take pictures with these wonderful animals. We ensure that all horses at events are carefully cared for and that their welfare is always a priority.

Overall, our offered services with horse participation in events provide an opportunity to give any event a special charm and elegance, making it unforgettable for both the organizers and their guests. We pride ourselves on our horses’ ability to evoke positive emotions and unforgettable moments that remain in memory for a lifetime.

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