Vecozolu 100, Tīraine, Mārupes

Horse boarding

Horse boarding is a special place that offers comprehensive services to horse owners who want to provide their four-legged friends with high-quality living conditions. The boarding facility offers horse maintenance by renting out stalls that are equipped with everything necessary for horses to feel comfortable and safe. Each horse is fed three times a day with carefully selected feed, including hay, oats, and silage, ensuring a balanced and healthy diet.

In addition to feeding, daily stall cleaning is performed at the boarding facility to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Horses have access to spacious pastures where they can freely move and socialize with other horses, which is essential for their physical and emotional well-being. Walking rings and an indoor arena offer a safe environment for training and lessons, regardless of weather conditions, while outdoor areas are ideally suited for training and activities in the fresh air.

The boarding facility also thinks of the horse owners, offering amenities such as a changing room and equipment storage space where personal belongings and horse equipment can be stored. These additional amenities ensure that both horses and their owners can feel welcomed and comfortable while spending time at the boarding facility.

Overall, horse boarding is a place where great emphasis is placed on both the needs of the horses and their owners, offering high-quality services that ensure the well-being of the horses and the convenience of their owners. It is an ideal solution for those looking for a safe and equipped place for their horses’ maintenance.

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